Quakerism was founded in the Christian tradition. Liberal Quakerism has focused on particular Christian teachings, giving it an emphasis distinct from other churches.

Here are some differences from other church experiences we think you’d notice:

  • You won't be told what to believe.
  • You won't be required to hold particular religious beliefs. There are many paths. There are underlying principles of Quakerism which help bind us together.
  • We meet together in quiet reflection, to listen for wisdom, comfort and challenge from wherever it may come. No preaching.
  • We believe in the Inner Light. You will be encouraged to trust and value your own experience.
  • You will be encouraged to work it out for yourself, supported by other people who are pursuing a similar quest.
  • You won’t hear a lot of talk of sin.
  • Quaker Advices and Queries give us open-minded guidance on how we might seek truth about some issues in life.
  • We are people who accept living with uncertainty.
  • We recognise that things change. We know that new understanding may come from new questions, as much as from new answers.
  • No pastors, no bishops, but shared leadership.
  • Quakers appointed to responsibilites generally hold that role for about three years.
  •  Quakers asked to take on responsibilities may be male or female, gay or straight – gender and sexuality are not relevant.
  • A unique form of decision-making - no voting, but listening to all seeking the agreement of all.
  • We recognise the value and wisdom of ancient texts. With a changing world comes changing wisdom, responses, morality, and new texts.
  • There are Quakers who are inspirational amongst their ordinariness and accessibility.