Quakers across ages

Quaker testimonies to equality and community help us to recognise the contributions that are made by young, middle and old ages.

Many elderly Quakers remain active in their meetings and their input remains valued. For some, aging can mean a diminishing of capabilities yet their presence in  our community remains a blessing and they remain loved and enjoyed.

Children’s presence and ministry also adds to our Meetings. Children can learn to sit quietly in a silent meeting relatively easily. They may find it difficult at the start, but quite quickly learn to be quiet amid others who are being quiet. Many report that they value being able to be quiet and still in their lives.

Some Meetings hold all-age worship regularly, striving to provide an experience that reduces age barriers in spiritual sharing.

Quakers appreciate children in their midst. Many of our meetings run programs for children. Some other adults will be with the children, so that parents can worship knowing that their children will enjoy the time, will do some appropriate activities, and be with caring, interesting people.

At national gatherings there are programs for children so they gain a sense of connection with others from other meetings They also have a great time and learn some Quaker stories and ideals.

Our teenage groups (Junior Young Friends) provide local and national activities which are educational and community-building. There is more information about them here.

Above 18, Young Friends meet in self-directing groups where they explore life and how Quakerism is relevant to them. Thus, they have association with their local Meeting and a community of their peers, nationally and even globally.